About Us

To begin with, we are students in STAPS (Sciences and Techniques of Sports and Physical Activities) at the Strasbourg University. In STAPS, we have four pathways. We have the physical education pathway, the training pathway, the management pathway and the physical activities for disable people. The most popular in the EP pathway, which is the pathway, we can take to become a physical education teacher. This is the case for Marianne HAUPTMANN and Mathilde WASSNER. Then, we have the management pathway to do something in relation to manage a team, a company for example and this is the case for Romain WAGNER. Then, we have someone who is in the training pathway and he chooses this pathway to become a physical trainer. This is the case for Ganaël ULRICH.

Mathilde Wassner

Romain Wagner

Marianne Hauptmann

Ganaël Ulrich

We are four in three different pathways, so we have the qualities to organize the camp sport because each pathway has one precise goal.

It is useful to have someone in the physical education pathway because they learn how to teach people in the different activities. We must motivate and encourage you, that why this pathway and the coaching pathway are useful. The management pathway is useful to organize well the subject, with the budget for example.